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The Walkers

by Pierre-André Deyfuss, Suzanne Guyader <pad>

Walking shadows moving by morphic programmation.

Music Chord game

by Digimath <digimath>

A matching game using musical chords.

mr Blue

by <teefal>

Simple claymation

Walke -Particles -Pixels

by P-A Dreyfuss <pad>

A new project from two projects in the showcase: Kedama pixels and The Walker.

Frog Puzzle

by Digimath <digimath>

Make the frogs jump until the pattern is reversed. Click on Help for the rules

point Toward Cursor

by Scott Wallace <scott>

Shows how to make an arrow always point toward the cursor

Sine wave

by Richo <richo>

Graficador de ondas seno. Permite cambiar algunos parámetros como la amplitud, la fase y la frecuencia.

Growing forest

by Richo <richo>

Toying around with fractal trees

Area Geo Boards 1

by Mr Steve <mrsteve>

Tools for Thinking About Area

Turtle and Dinosaur

by Aaron <teefal>

Waveplace Nicaragua Pilot

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