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Here are some recent articles and blog posts that may be of interest to you.

Lessons from Squeakfest (part 1)

by Cherry Withers

I must admit that before coming to this event I was both filled with excitement and trepidation. My experience with Squeak can be best described as a short “dabble”. How will I fit in with these seasoned developers and educators? ...

Lessons from Squeakfest (part 2)

by Cherry Withers

Truth be told, I have an ego the size of Manhattan. Children have a way of giving you a reality check and make you realize that you don’t know jack. I found this out when I had my girls. They don’t even have to do anything but be themselves and ask the questions an adult would be afraid to voice out.


by Rita

Etoys got mentioned in the Educational blog "The Daily Riff" (January 6)

Student Blogs

Bill Kerr is using Etoys with his students in his technology lessons, and some of his students did blog about that. A really interesting read! More blogs:

OLPC trains Rwanda Kids in Etoys Programming

by Peninnah Gathoni

After a successful roll out in Rwanda, OLPC officials have embarked on a computer programming training project across all primary schools covered by the project.

Young programmers win big

by Tan Weizhen

Two young girls got Merit Award for Etoys project in XtremeApps competition in Singapore.

Children Technology Review - June 2009

Etoys was named Editor's Choice by Children's Technology review.

GameChanger of the Month, May 2008

by GameChangers

"Perhaps no one is more responsible for making 'TRON come true' than Alan Kay"

Listening to Alan Kay, May 2008

by Contagious Curiosity

"Tonight I had the pleasure of listening to the inventor of the Squeak language"

Alan Kay's Viewpoints

by Black and White

"Reinventing programming is no short order even for the inventor of some of the most successful computer languages and tools of the last 30 years."

Alan Kay: The PC Must Be Revamped -- Now

by CIO Insight

"While most people regard the personal computer as a modern miracle, Kay sees the PC as a chronic underachiever. "